3 thoughts on “Metadata Standards and Content Portability

  1. Thanks for this Michael: great stuff!

    A quick note on schema.org. The vocabulary, you say, is “still oriented toward the search needs of Google (its originator and patron)….”

    It would be more correct to say it is still oriented toward the needs of search engines, as schema.org was jointly sponsored by Google, Bing and Yahoo! (with Yandex joining as a sponsor sometime later).

    The other engines’ support is not for nothing: these engines are very engaged in building and using schema.org, rather than just rubber-stamping what Google is doing.

    1. Thanks Aaron. Indeed there are four main search engines involved. I feel Google has been the catalyst — that’s a subjective call by me — but I know others contribute. Apart from Google, the party that seems most active in exploring the boundaries of semantic markup is Yandex, though I doubt many English speakers would have much experience with them.

  2. A long but definitely worthwhile read! I am quite leery of APIs myself. Not very comfortable with the notion of companies having the kill switch on data (*cough Twitter cough*) Alas, if only companies were more benevolent in nature. 😉

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