3 thoughts on “Defining Meaning in a Post-Document World

  1. Michael, This long, thoughtful blog post touches on good questions. I especially appreciate your description of “walled garden” content. I wonder how we go about accomplishing the things you describe in your closing sentences.

  2. ImageSnippets achieves a number of the topics you mention here in it’s design. The image (component) is described using structured data that is separated from the image and published as an RDF triple store, but it also creates documents in the form of HTML +RDFa containing the metadata which points at the component. Structured data referring to many different contexts in the image can continually be layered without re-defining new frameworks for the use of that data.

  3. You cannot store the subtlety of knowledge in a purely ontologically based system. These kinds of oversights always appear when the underlying foundations rest upon complexity.

    The article is fascinating just the same. If we were talking about the human body in this way, we would be taking ourselves apart and wanting to put ourselves back together again differently… all the while expecting it to work! :(

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