Web Metadata Strategy Services

Your Problem
How to deliver customer-relevant digital communication at scale?

The scale problem …

You: Have a lot to say
Your customer: Needs something specific

You: Need to speak to many people
Your customer: Is not everybody, but an individual

A web metadata strategy for your content can help.

What’s a web metadata strategy?
It defines how organizations use metadata to:

  • Connect content to business goals
  • Connect content to audiences
  • Connect content with enterprise functions.

What’s included in a web metadata strategy?

  • Unified, enterprise-wide set of requirements for digital content metadata
  • A plan to strengthen, assess and govern the use of digital content metadata

Web Metadata Strategy Services

Metadata strategy involves a range of activities to help you become more effective using metadata to make your content more effective.

Your Need Service
Want to benchmark your current use of metadata Metadata audit and evaluation
Your organization lacks standards or goals for your web metadata, or follows practices selectively Metadata requirements facilitation
Your web team needs better understanding of how metadata works Team training on web metadata
Need objective, third party perspective or facilitation with vendors on what metadata tools to adopt Tool evaluation, including assessment of tool usability, deployment practicality, implementation readiness, and future-readiness
Inconsistent use of terminology, or problems with API content versioning Governance for metadata framework development, covering terminology, taxonomies and APIs
Current analytics do not leverage metadata, and only provide page-level insights Analytics advice on how to leverage metadata to deliver more useful and actionable analysis

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Web metadata strategy services