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I’m Michael Andrews, an independent content strategist currently based in Hyderabad, India.   Previously, I was senior manager for content strategy at Sapient.

I specialize in helping organizations design content systems to improve the user experience across all customer touch-points, so that organizations can better meet business objectives.

I’ve consulted for brands in Europe, Australasia, and North America in various sectors.  My experience working on customer experience-driven business transformation projects allows me to integrate and align  the customer perspective with  business operational objectives and available technical capabilities.

My project experience has involved the coordination of user research and interaction design, business process and customer service design, and IT integration and systems development.  I bring these perspectives to the design of content systems that improve customer satisfaction, and enable enhanced efficiency and automation.

I have master’s degrees in human computer interaction (University of Sussex) and international finance (Columbia University.)

I also volunteer to support the work of the Content Strategy Forum, an international community related to content strategy practice.  Outside of work, I’m a passionate fan of jazz.

I’m also on Twitter @storyneedle

If you need to hire a content strategist to help your organization better use content to meet your goals, please contact me.


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